Product Description

PAVEMATE ™ is an asphalt additive for both hot and warm mix asphalt. The product is a liquid blend of fatty acid derivatives, with a unique formulation that includes antistripping properties. It offers economic, operational and environmental benefits while delivering improved asphalt performance.


  • Enables lower compaction temperatures during asphalt paving operations
  • Enables lower temperatures during asphalt manufacture
  • Improves resistance to stripping compared to hydrated lime
  • Can reduce air voids in asphalt
  • Product Usage

    Pavemate has an optimum dose rate of 0.3% w/w of the binder.


  • 20 L Containers
  • 200 L Drums
  • 1,000 L IBC’s
  • Bulk
  • Key Points

  • Can expand market reach by allowing longer haulage distances
  • Can extend paving season into cooler months
  • Can lengthen workable hours in the day
  • Improved workability
  • Can help lower energy consumption at the point of asphalt manufacture
  • Can result in reduced odours at the palnt
  • Improved work conditions
  • Can assist in reducing greenhouse gas emmisions
  • Australian owned and made supporting Australian manufacturing
  • Evaluation and Testing

    Chemico-Physical Properties

  • Description : Oleyl Imidazoline
  • Appearance (20°C) : Oily liquid
  • Solids by weight (%) : 100
  • Water (%) : < 1
  • Specific Gravity (20°C): 0.97
  • Odour : Amine
  • Amine Value (KOH/g) : 700
  • Pour Point (0°C) : < 5
  • Flash Point (0°C) : > 150
  • Storage and Safety

    Corrosive product - Wear protective gloves and safety goggles. See Safety date sheet for further information

    PAVEMATE may be stored up to 12 months when kept in sealed containers between 4° and 35°C

    Avoid freezing conditions

    Avoid exposure to air for prolonged periods as a film or crust may form on the product surface.

    For further information refer to MSDS at