SECURE N SEAL - Curing Compund

Product Description

SECURE N-Seal is a unique easy to apply wax based emulsion designed to retard moisture loss and reduce splitting of freshly sawn logs and timber boards. It has been specifically developed with superior stability and spraying characteristics allowing for excellent film uniformity and coverage with minimal dripping.

SECURE N-Seal can significantly reduce the amount of off-cuts to increase production and marketable yield

Product Usage

Apply by spray, brush or roller to achieve a thick continuous film .

Do not dilute product.

Product standing for lengthy periods should be checked for any separation and agitated prior to use if required. Product dries as a white film

Clean up - Spray equipment should be adequately flushed with water immediately after use to avoid internal deposits of wax. Dried films may be cleaned easily with Vicchem Bio-Dispersol, hot water, steam or mineral solvent

Key Points

• Good Sprayability enables easy, uniform application with brush, roller or high pressure sprayer without problems of tip and filter blockages.

• High concentration of solids provides good coverage and film thickness in one application.

• Drip reduction formulation specifically designed for vertical surfaces to reduce waste, mess and contamination of surrounding areas

• Superior stability reduces the risk of separation in storage and subsequent risk of faulty application.

• Fast drying time provides improved operational flexibility in variable weather conditions with reduced chance of run-off due to unexpected rainfall.

• Not classified as a Dangerous Good enabling more flexible and convenient storage, handling and transportation.

Evaluation and Testing

• Appearance White milky liquid

• Solids by weight 30% min

• Specific Gravity (20°C) 0.98

• Viscosity (20°C) Approx. 1000 cSt

• Odour Bland waxy

• Min application temp 10°C

• VOC <1%

Storage and Safety

SECURE N-Seal may be stored up to 12 months when kept between 4°C and 35°C.

Avoid exposure to air for prolonged periods as a solid film or crust may form on the product surface.

Gentle agitation or recirculation of product is recommended if stored for more than a few weeks.

Avoid generating foam in the tank by filling and returning recirculation below the surface. Only agitate gently when required.