DETACH X-STATIC - Bio-Release Agent

Product Description

Detach X-Static Bio-Release Agent is a unique balanced formulation of specialty vegetable and other oil derivatives that provides excellent concrete release from metallic moulds used in the precast industry.

The product has been specifically designed and formulated to carry a charge and be suitable for application via electrostatic equipment. Detach X-Static provides a high class finish while offering a high level of operator health and safety and minimal adverse impact on the environment.

Product Usage

Apply Detach X-Static undiluted at a rate that ensures even coverage over the entire working surface of the mould. This should provide optimum performance and minimize the potential for sticking, uneven release and buildup on the moulds. Excess material may compromise performance.

Application rate should be as low as possible, typically in the range 5—15 ml/m2.

CAUTION - Avoid use on rubber or latex fittings and seals as Detach X-Static can penetrate these materials and cause shape distortion. Viton is generally recommended for seals and fittings.

Key Points

  • Ideally suited to application via electrostatic equipment
  • Extremely cost effective due to its ultra low use rate
  • Uniquely balanced formulation provides excellent release characteristics
  • Can provide a class 1 - finish to concrete surfaces
  • Suitable for both heated or ambient cured situations
  • Resists build up on moulds and promotes easy clean up
  • Assists in providing rust protection of moulds
  • Maintains performance and workability at low temperatures
  • Low use rate allows less storage and handling
  • Provides a high level of operator health and safety due to its low toxicity, volatility and bland odour characteristics.
  • Not classified as a Dangerous Good enabling more flexible and convenient storage, handling and transportation
  • Environmentally friendly - Unique formulation provides faster and more complete biodegradation for a cleaner and safer environment

    Evaluation and Testing

    Appearance Clear yellow liquid

    Specific Gravity (20°C) 0.85

    Viscosity (25°C) 10 cSt

    Odour Bland oily

    Min application temp 10°C

    VOC <1%

    Flash Point 150°C min

    Storage and Safety

    When stored indoors at temperatures below 40ºC and in closed original containers, this product can be stored for at least 1 year.

    Avoid exposure to air for prolonged periods.

    Product may thicken or solidify if cooled below 0ºC.

    Do not allow water to contaminate product.

    Bulk Storage vessels made of stainless steel, fibre glass, polypropylene or polyethylene are preferred. It is strongly recommended to thoroughly clean old mild steel tanks before storage, as Detach X-Static may cause rust and other old deposits to be released resulting in contamination. Long term storage in mild steel tanks may result in product discoloration and other degradation.

    Detach X-Static is free of aromatic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and is not classified as a dangerous good. It is considered of low risk to health if used according to appropriate industrial hygiene practices. Ensure good ventilation during use.

    Skin and eye contact should be avoided.

    Detach X-Static is biodegraded by natural processes and poses a low risk to the environment.

    For further information refer to MSDS