Product Description

Vicol™ Winter Oil is a Miscible "clear" oil product that is used to control certain pests in horticultural situations.

Miscible ‘‘clear’’ oil suitable for use only in winter when the trees and vines are dormant. Quick break emulsion provides excellent coverage and reduces loss due to run-off. Provides economic and effective control of certain scale insects and mites. Successfully used in a variety of situations (vines and trees) for over 20 years

Product Performance

Control of pests in orchards by VicolTM Spray Oils is generally achieved by death primarily through suffocation. Death may also result from interactions between oil molecules and insect fatty acids and interference with feeding and excretion.
After the spray solution contacts the plant surface, the water separates from the oil used in the formulation. This leaves a thin layer of oil over the surface of the plant and insects. Insect death may take several days depending on:

  • insect size and stage of development
  • type of oil, formulation, and concentration in water
  • spray volume and coverage
  • Sprays are generally more effective on smooth than on rough surfaces.
  • VicolTM Spray Oil deposits can also prevent settling of scale crawlers and by repellency, reduce the number of eggs laid.

    Product Usage

    Vicol™ Spray Oils can be applied to Citrus, Stone & Pome Fruit, Grapes, Tropical and other fruits to treat the pests in the Table in the attached Product Information Sheet. For specific details on rates, crop, pest, timing and uses with other products refer to the product labels.

    Key Points

  • Always follow the directions for use on the label.
  • To minimise the potential for phytotoxicity, VicolTM Winter Oil must only be used in winter when the plants are dormant and Summer Oil must not be sprayed when the shade temperatures exceed 30OC and/or if the plants are suffering from moisture stress.
  • Better control is often achieved by using higher spray volumes that ensures excellent coverage rather than higher concentrations of oil in lower volumes of spray.
  • Petroleum based products are among the oldest organic pesticides and pose little risk to the user or environment when used as directed.
  • VicolTM Spray Oils are compatible with a wide range of pesticides for which they may provide enhanced efficacy.
  • Can be mixed with SprintaTM Superwetter in low volume applications to improve coverage.