Product Description

Victoria™ Fruit Drying Oil is a Multi-Purpose Drying oil used to assist the drying of grapes and other fruits.

The active ingredients are based on ethyl esters which are the most cost effective materials to increase the rate of drying. This oil is formulated with a unique blend of emulsifiers that confers excellent emulsion stability to provide easy and reliable emulsification at the point of use.

Product Performance

VICTORIA FRUIT DRYING OILTM was first manufactured by the Victorian Chemical Company in 1939 for use by the grape growers in the Sunraysia region of Australia. In the intervening period the performance and stature of the product has been enhanced through the introduction of fatty acid ester technology.

VICTORIA FRUIT DRYING OILTM was the first product to be manufactured using Food Grade Vegetable Oil. Following this, approvals were granted by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

VICTORIA FRUIT DRYING OILTM is commonly viewed as the market leader. This can be attributed to the length of time that it has been adding value to grower’s produce through reliable performance and innovative development.

Product Usage

  • Always follow the directions for use on the label.
  • Avoid applying to immature fruit of less than 22º Brix
  • For even-drying, the fruit must be completely covered with emulsion. To help ensure this, emulsion may be reapplied 4-5 days after the initial treatment. However, drying time is retarded by additional unnecessary applications of emulsion.
  • If rain occurs within three days of spraying and removes a significant amount of emulsion, it should be reapplied.
  • Avoid Spraying at low ambient temperatures (15ºC).
  • Apply emulsion within 4 days of cane cutting or vice versa.
  • Key Points

  • Esterified Vegetable Oil and Surfactants Assists drying cost effectively and reliably
  • Surfactants provide excellent emulsion stability
  • Reduced Drying Time shown to produce fruit of higher value
  • Actives approved by the Food and Drug Administration (USA)
  • Biodegradable
  • Based on Renewable Materials – Vegetable Oil
  • Used to enhance Grape Drying for over 60 years
  • Manufactured to an internationally recognised quality system
  • Evaluation and Testing

  • Appearance Bright Clear Liquid
  • Colour 10 Gardner Max
  • Specific Gravity (20ºC) 0.91 – 0.92 g/ml
  • Viscosity (20ºC) 20 cSt
  • Cloud point 10ºC Max