ESTEROL 332 Trimethylpropane tri Oleate (TMPTO)

Product Description

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION Trimethylolpropane TriOleate CHARACTERISTICS ESTEROL 332 is a pale yellow to amber viscous liquid with a bland fatty odour.

Product Usage

  • Lubricants: Oxidatively stable vegetable oil based synthetic ester which can be used as the basis of non-toxic, biodegradable lubricant products such as hydraulic fluids.
  • Metal Working: Component of metal working formulations with high temperature stability.
  • Key Points

  • Readily Biodegradable means that it will have a low environmental impact.
  • Non-toxic means that it poses a low health and safety risk for users.
  • Excellent oxidative and temperature stability for use in high temperature situations.
  • Evaluation and Testing

  • Moisture 0.1%
  • Colour 4 Gardner
  • SG (20ºC) 0.93
  • Acid Value 1
  • Saponification Value 180
  • Hydroxyl Value 20
  • Flash Point (CC) 250ºC
  • Storage and Safety


    When stored indoors at temperatures below 40ºC and in closed original containers, this product can be stored for at least 1 year. Refer to MSDS at for further information


    ESTEROL 332 is non-toxic, biodegradable and not classified as a dangerous good. Refer to MSDS at