AUROPOL 446 Sulphonated Canola Oil

Product Description

Auropol 446™ is an anionic surfactant derived from natural oils that is readily biodegradable and has low toxicity characteristics.

COMMON AND OTHER NAMES: Sulphated or Sulphonated Canola Oil, Sulphated Triglyceride


CHARACTERISTICS: AUROPOL 446™ is a viscous amber coloured liquid which readily disperses in water. A mild fatty odour can be detected.

Product Performance

Auropol 446TM is an oil soluble anionic surfactant with excellent emulsification properties, is compatible with a wide range of materials and is stable over a wide pH range. It may reduce foaminess and provide anticorrosive properties in formulated products.

Product Usage

Metal Working: Emulsifier and solubiliser in soluble cutting oils, drawing compounds and clear water based coolants. Provides lubricity low foam and rust inhibition.

Automotive: Used in automotive chemicals.

Key Points

  • Readily Biodegradable means that it will have a low environmental impact.
  • Low Toxicity means that it poses a low health and safety risk for users.
  • Excellent lubrication, low foam and corrosion inhibition properties can provide formulators with the wide range of capabilities they require.
  • Evaluation and Testing

  • pH (1% aq) 6.4
  • Moisture 20%
  • Combined SO3 5.2% (Dry Basis)
  • Colour 9 Gardner
  • SG (20ºC) 1.0
  • Storage and Safety


    When stored indoors at temperatures below 40º C and in closed original containers, this product can be stored for at least 1 year. Refer to MSDS at for further information.


    AUROPOL 446TM is nontoxic, biodegradable and not classified as a dangerous good. According to experience this product is considered to be harmless to health if used in the correct manner. Skin and eye contact should be avoided. Refer to MSDS at