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Hasten* Cross Labelled with Skope*

The latest endorsement from Adama brings to 27 the number of major herbicides and insecticides used by cotton and broadacre farmers that are cross-labelled with Hasten.

National marketing manager for Adama, Adam Phelan, said the inclusion of Hasten on Skope’s product use label reflected the high level of trust and confidence in Hasten.

"Skope is registered for wide-spectrum performance against many cotton pests including Green Mirid, Silverleaf Whitefly, Heliothis, Cotton Aphid and Green Vegetable Bug," said Mr Phelan.

"At Adama, we take pride in the quality of our insecticides and place great importance in optimising the insect control provided by Skope.

"Throughout the development phase of Skope, we noticed Silverleaf Whitefly control was significantly improved when applied with Hasten and so we have included it as our label recommendation when targeting this difficult pest. Read more......

Hard Water is fine when the chemistry is right.

For robust results from summer knockdown herbicides – namely glyphosate – resellers and agronomists should ensure farmer clients choose the right chemistry for the water more

OUTRIGHT 770 Spray Adjuvant.

New adjuvant for knockdown herbicides. Excellent wetting and spreading, enhanced penetration, suitable for hard water.

Vicchem takes The Right Chemistry into the Farming community for Winter 2014.

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Why the Chemistry is Right at Victorian Chemicals

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 *NEW* HASTEN Cross Label List

List of on-label endorsements for Hasten Spray Adjuvant...

PDF: Adjuvant effect on spray droplets.

This paper investigates the effects that tank mix spray adjuvants have on the size of droplets emanating from nozzles typically used in Australian agriculture. Results show that.....

 *NEW* TOPGUN Spray Adjuvant for use with Achieve*.

TOPGUN Spray Adjuvant: New from Vicchem’s continuous R&D. For use with Achieve* (and other Tralkoxydim herbicides), Factor*, Fusion* and Hammer* herbicides.

 *NEW* HASTEN with Clethodim* 0.5L/100L.

Trials prove Hasten effective with Clethodim at 0.5L/100L. APVMA approved.

PDF : Adjuvant Presentation

What are adjuvants ? What types are there ? and how do they work ? Download/View PDF

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 *NEW* Surewet 1000

SUREWET 1000 is a 1000g/L (100% active) non-ionic wetting agent which .... Click here for Info Sheet, Label and MSDS